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Double Decker, 3.5”x5”

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Doodle Everyday 2014/003:

Oreo’s Prank

by Lim Heng Swee aka ilovedoodle

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February on this blog is going to be Daily Paleo Art Month! Because doing dinosaurs all last July was so much fun I want to do this thing again.
 Every weekday for the rest of the month I’ll be posting a new image of something strange, obscure, or just plain interesting from the fossil record — only this time we’re staying firmly outside of the Avemetatarsalia (pterosaurs and dinosaurs/birds) to give some less famous critters the spotlight.

#1: Helicoprion

A cartilaginous fish from off the southwest coast of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana (and later Pangaea), Helicoprion first appeared in the late Carboniferous (310 million years ago) and survived up until just past the massive Permian-Triassic extinction (250mya). Despite looking rather shark-like and possibly reaching sizes of around 6m (20ft) long, it was actually closer related to the chimaeras.

For a long time, the only parts of this animal known were bizarre buzzsaw-like spiral whorls of teeth, since cartilage skeletons very rarely fossilize. The ideas for just where in the body this structure was positioned were ridiculously varied.

The most recent reconstruction is based on CT scans of a well-preserved fossil with jaw and skull elements, which showed the whorl taking up the whole lower jaw. It also turns out Helicoprion had no upper teeth at all. It’s thought to have used this arrangement to shred and crush up squid and other soft-bodied marine prey, but there’s still very little known about how such a unique type of teeth evolved in the first place.

I think evolution must work like Ikea, because occasionally nature completely misread the directions and puts a piece on backwards.

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Just found this picture of my long hair from college and I’m shitting myself because it’s so fucking long and I kinda forgot I ever had hair

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from Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore 
exhibit at Somerset House in partnership with
the Isabella Blow Foundation and Central Saint Martins 

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Five little fingers by Marta Everest


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